Jennifer L. Thompson Child Protection Lawyer

JLT is Jennifer L. Thompson. As an attorney, Jennifer has represented individuals, as well as county agencies, since 2014. As a student attorney, she represented parents whose children had been removed by social services. She also volunteered as a guardian ad litem in child protection cases in Hennepin County.

Jennifer clerked in a family law firm.  She graduated early and sat for the Bar exam in February 2016.  She was promoted to Associate Attorney, continued in parental defense, expanding into family law.

Jennifer formed JLT Law in January 2017. She gained litigation experience rapidly and successfully settled divorce, custody, and child support matters whenever possible.

From 2018 to 2019, Jennifer represented Meeker County in social services matters.  She decided to re-launch JLT Law & Mediation in July 2019 expanding her practice with greater geographic coverage beyond the Metro area, into central and southern Minnesota.

When not advocating for other families, Jennifer enjoys time with her own family fishing, gardening, and cooking at their home in central Minnesota.

JLT Law & Mediation - Jennifer L Thompson

Family-Centered Advocacy

JLT Law & Mediation’s mission is to provide family-centered advocacy at all stages of life, whether that is building a marriage and family or working to preserve that family through the struggle of divorce.

Should unique challenges like child protection, guardianship or commitment cross a family’s path, JLT Law & Mediation is ready to guide and defend the integrity of that family to mitigate the effects of those challenges.

When it comes time to plan for the next generation, JLT’s experience and empathy guides families through estate planning, providing guidance in writing wills, healthcare and durable powers of attorney, probate, and litigation if necessary.

Through it all, JLT Law & Mediation advocates for what matters most to you and to your future...