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Appeals from DHS & District Court

Appeals of Maltreatment

When a child protection or facility investigation returns a determination of maltreatment it can affect a person’s ability to work if their job involves children or vulnerable adults. It can impact a facility’s business reputation as well as funding. JLT can take you through the administrative reconsideration process, through an appeal and evidentiary hearing with DHS, and appeal to the district court and court of appeals if necessary. If you feel a maltreatment determination is wrong and it’s impacting your life, call to find out how JLT can help fight to have it reversed.

Appeals of TPR & CHIPS

Having your parental rights terminated can be devastating. Social services agencies have to be held to certain requirements and the district courts have to make specific findings in order for an order to be valid. To order that a child is “adjudicated CHIPS” (a child in need of protection or services) also requires particular findings. 

If the Agency failed or the District Court abused its discretion, made a clear error, or other specific circumstances exist, the order can be reversed and/or remanded to the district court for further hearing. JLT has taken court appointments for appeals all over the state of Minnesota and can evaluate and argue your case entirely remotely. Request a consultation to see if the order against you will hold up an appeal.

Minnesota Child Protection Lawyer

Whether your children have been removed from your home, you or your facility are under investigation by DHS or social services, or you are seeking to intervene in the child protection case of someone you care about, having an experienced CHIPS and family attorney like JLT on your team can change your case dramatically.

Don’t leave your relationship with your child in the hands of someone who is “dabbling” in a new practice area. Call JLT at (763) 310-7477 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and get an honest assessment of your case before the timelines expire.

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