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Child Protection

Child Protective Services (CHIPS) by the County

  • Parental Defense
  • Grandparents & Kin
  • Foster Parent Counsel

Appeals of Maltreatment

Custody & Protection of Children by Individuals

  • Private CHIPS & TPR
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Third Party Custody

Private CHIPS & TPR

Appeals from DHS & District Court

  • Appeals of Maltreatment
  • Appeals of TPR & CHIPS

Minnesota Child Protection Lawyer

Whether your children have been removed from your home, you or your facility are under investigation by DHS or social services, or you are seeking to intervene in the child protection case of someone you care about, having an experienced CHIPS and family attorney like JLT on your team can change your case dramatically. Don’t leave your relationship with your child in the hands of someone who is “dabbling” in a new practice area. Call JLT at (763) 310-7477 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and get an honest assessment of your case before the timelines expire.

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