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JLT Law & Mediation’s mission is to provide Family Centered Advocacy for Every Season of Your Lifetime, whether you are building a marriage and family or working to preserve that family through the struggle of divorce.

Should unique challenges like child protection, guardianship or commitment cross a family’s path, JLT Law & Mediation is ready to guide and defend the integrity of that family to mitigate the effects of those challenges.

When it comes time to plan for the next generation, JLT’s experience and empathy guides families through estate planning, providing guidance in writing wills, creating a trust, how and whether probate is necessary after death, and litigation if necessary.

Through it all, JLT Law & Mediation advocates for what matters most to you and to your future – Family.

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Child Protection

Parental Defense

  • Grandparents & Kin
  • Foster Parent Counsel

Private CHIPS & TPR

  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Third-Party Custody

Appeals of Maltreatment

  • Appeals of TPR and CHIPS

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Private Termination of Parental Rights

I have complete confidence in Jennifer, and that she will prevail at the Appellate level as well. I highly recommend Jennifer Thompson to anyone who is attempting to do what is in the best interest of a child.

Sean G

Prior to meeting Jennifer I consulted with a previous attourney that suggested my situation was not pursuable at this time. Jennifer's knowledge and background is what made the difference for me with a successful outcome.


Experienced, knowledgeable advocate for my family

I've trusted and relied on Jennifer's counsel and representation since 2015. I value highly her empathy, her experience and her knowledge of law, especially family law. Jennifer is a talented, effective and assertive advocate, and has delivered results...


Bloomington Family Law Attorney

Whether you are contemplating divorce, dealing with a custody battle, struggling with child protection or any other Family Law issue, JLT Law & Mediation can help you attain a favorable resolution. We represent women and men in Bloomington, Minnesota and throughout the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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